About Us

Welcome to our website.  We are a proud and strong group of like-minded men, enjoying further enlightenment in great company.

I encourage you to search and explore our site for information about freemasonry, and welcome you to visit our lodge to learn more about this wonderful fraternity.

Take the time to explore and read more about what we actually do, and if this site does not have the information, visit our lodge.

There are many web sites and information available, trying to explain what freemasonry is.  Many have excellent information, but some are unfortunately not providing accurate details.

Freemasonry has survived for over 300 years as a men’s fraternal organization. There are not many organizations who can state that they’ve been around for centuries, but we can proudly state that.

Why have we been around that long?  It is because we are outstanding men of good character who want to better themselves, do good by our families and serve our communities.

A Mason is someone who can be trusted to do the right thing.

It is important to understand that masonry is not a religion nor does it attempt to replace or dictate one’s religion or religious beliefs upon our brothers, or anybody who wants to join this awesome fraternity.

However, to become a Mason you must believe in the existence of a supreme being, a grand architect and creator.  Therefore, we do not permit atheist into our fraternity.

Masonry has a rich heritage going back for hundreds of years and includes the likes of George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, John Wayne, Duke Ellington and hundreds more from every walk of life.

We welcome you!

Many thanks

Worshipful Master, Fulton Friendship Lodge